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Tire-Slick™ 16oz. Bottle

Tire-Slick™ 16oz. Bottle

The Tire-Slick™ 16oz. bottle is more than just a lubricant; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to enhance the tire installation process across various metrics. From its precision application to its cost-effectiveness and protective properties, Tire-Slick™ embodies innovation and efficiency. Whether for professional automotive centers or the DIY enthusiast, the Tire-Slick™ 16oz. bottle is a testament to the synergy between advanced formulation and practical design, making it an essential component in the realm of automotive maintenance.


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Navigating Efficiency with Tire-Slick™: The 16oz. Bottle Revolution

In the intricate world of automotive maintenance, the choice of tools and solutions significantly influences the efficiency and outcome of services rendered. Among the myriad of options available, the Tire-Slick™ 16oz. bottle emerges as a standout product, offering an array of benefits tailored to enhance the tire installation process. This compact, yet potent solution is designed to redefine how professionals and DIY enthusiasts approach tire mounting and maintenance tasks.

Introducing Tire-Slick™ in a 16oz. Bottle

Tire-Slick™ presents its advanced formula in a convenient 16oz. bottle, meticulously engineered for ease of use and effectiveness. This size is particularly suited for individuals and smaller automotive service centers where space saving and product efficiency are paramount. The unique blend within this bottle is formulated to reduce friction dramatically, facilitating a smoother tire-to-rim fit, which is crucial for both safety and performance.

The Multifaceted Benefits of Tire-Slick™

Precision Application

The Tire-Slick™ 16oz. bottle is designed for precision, allowing for targeted application of the lubricant. This precision ensures that the product is used efficiently, with minimal waste, making every drop count. This aspect is particularly beneficial in avoiding over-lubrication, which can lead to slippage and other safety concerns during tire installation.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

The core advantage of Tire-Slick™ lies in its ability to make tire installations and maintenance more efficient. By reducing friction, it allows tires to easily slide over the rim edge, significantly reducing the time and effort required for mounting and dismounting, thereby streamlining workshop operations and DIY projects.


The 16oz. bottle of Tire-Slick™ offers an economical solution for tire maintenance needs. Its concentrated formula means that a small amount goes a long way, providing high value for the investment. This efficiency translates into cost savings over time, as the need for reapplication is minimized compared to less effective products.

Superior Tire and Rim Protection

Tire-Slick™ is not just about efficiency; it's also about protection. Its formula is designed to prevent the kind of damage that can occur during tire installation, such as bead damage or rim scratches. By creating a protective barrier, Tire-Slick™ helps extend the life of both tires and rims, preserving their integrity and appearance.

Portability and Convenience

The compact size of the Tire-Slick™ 16oz. bottle makes it an ideal companion for mobile mechanics, roadside assistance services, and automotive enthusiasts on the go. Its portability ensures that effective tire lubrication is always within reach, whether in the workshop or in the field.

Eco-Friendly Composition

In line with contemporary environmental standards, Tire-Slick™ is formulated to be as eco-friendly as possible. Its composition minimizes the impact on the environment, making it a responsible choice for those conscious about their ecological footprint.

Versatility Across Applications

Tire-Slick™ is versatile, suitable for a wide range of tire types and sizes, from passenger vehicles to heavy-duty trucks. This adaptability makes it an indispensable tool in any automotive maintenance kit, ensuring that regardless of the vehicle, tire installation is always seamless and efficient.

Tire-Slick™ 16oz. Bottle Bead Lube & Tire Mounting Lubricant

Tire-Slick™ is a revolutionary tire mounting lubricant that is water based, not chemical based.

This great liquid is the original formula that made Tire-Slick™ the leader among liquid mounting lubricants. It truly is the "Slickest thing on wheels."


  • Lubricates better than anything on the market
  • Greatly reduces friction; Saving on changer wear and repair
  • Contains no soap or petroleum products
  • Leaves no residue
  • Will not rust rims
  • Greatly reduces bead damage
  • Helps to seal the tire to the rim without bonding
  • Used for mounting tires to cars, trucks, busses, motorcycles, & off-road vehicles
  • Liquid concentrate mixes easily - won't separate
  • Non-toxic & odorless

Packaging Available

Gallon Jugs (packaged 4 gallons per case)
5 Gallon Pails
55 Gallon Drums
275 Gallon Totes
330 Gallon Totes

OTHER USES: Motor mount assembly; Weather stripping for doors; Shock assembly; ATV tire mounting; Large heavy equipment tire mounting; Auto front end assembly.

Download Tire-Slick™ MSDS

Additional information

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 14 in


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