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Tire-Slick™ 4-1-Gallon Containers

Tire-Slick™ lubricant. 1 Case consists of 4 each 1 Gallon Containers.

Choosing the box of 4-1-gallon containers of Tire Slick goes beyond a mere bulk purchase;

it represents a strategic investment in quality, efficiency, and eco-responsibility for tire installation procedures. With its wide-ranging benefits, from economic savings to eco-consciousness, it becomes an essential part of the automotive maintenance toolkit. As the automotive sector continues to evolve, Tire Slick stands as a symbol of innovation, offering solutions that not only meet but exceed the modern requirements of automotive care. Buy the 4-1-gallon containers of Tire-Slick Today!


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The Ultimate Quartet: Advantages of the 4-1-Gallon Containers of Tire Slick for Enhanced Tire Installations

In the dynamic sphere of automotive service and upkeep, the drive for innovative products that elevate operational fluency and bolster outcomes is relentless. At the vanguard of this innovation is Tire Slick, with its distinctive offering of a box containing 4-1-gallon containers, each meticulously concocted for tire installations. This package is not merely a testament to premium quality but also delivers an array of advantages suited to the diverse demands of automotive professionals and hobbyists alike.

Spotlight on the 4-1-Gallon Containers of Tire Slick

At the core of this unique offering are the 4-1-gallon containers of Tire Slick, a lubricant ingeniously formulated to streamline the tire installation process. Its specialized blend is engineered to minimize friction, facilitating the effortless placement of tires onto rims, which is essential for preventing bead damage and ensuring an impeccable fit. Procuring these containers in a set of four provides users with a reliable reserve, enhancing sustained operational effectiveness.

Comprehensive Benefits of Tire Slick

Elevated Operational Productivity

Tire Slick is designed to optimize the tire installation process, rendering it more efficient, swift, and seamless. This improvement in efficiency is particularly advantageous in environments with substantial service demands, such as auto repair shops and vehicle dealerships, where time is directly linked to productivity.

Cost Efficiency

Opting for the 4-1-gallon containers in a boxed set offers notable economic benefits, especially for those with significant usage levels. This bulk purchasing option effectively reduces the cost per gallon, presenting a more budget-friendly solution in comparison to smaller quantities. Furthermore, the product's longevity and resilience minimize wastage, further amplifying its cost-effectiveness.

Unparalleled Protection for Tires and Rims

A key attribute of Tire Slick is its unmatched ability to safeguard tires and rims during the installation process. The lubricant's properties significantly decrease the risk of installation-induced damages, such as scratches on rims or tears in tire beads. This protective measure not only extends the lifespan of these components but also preserves their aesthetic appeal.

Environmental Consideration

Tire Slick's formula is crafted with an emphasis on environmental sustainability. Its composition is intended to be less harmful and more biodegradable than traditional lubricants, making it an eco-friendlier option for tire installations. This feature is increasingly significant in an era where environmental stewardship is a pivotal concern for both businesses and individuals.

Broad Compatibility

The versatility of Tire Slick is another major advantage. Compatible with a wide array of tire types and sizes, it is an indispensable asset in any automotive workshop. Whether for passenger vehicles, trucks, or specialized vehicles, Tire Slick ensures a fluid installation experience.

Simplicity of Application

The design of the 4-1-gallon containers, coupled with the consistency of Tire Slick, guarantees easy application. This user-friendly aspect is crucial in fast-paced work environments, enabling quick, clean applications without the inconvenience of spills or unnecessary waste.

Bead Lube & Tire Mounting Lubricant

Tire-Slick™ is a revolutionary tire mounting lubricant that is water based, not chemical based.

This great liquid is the original formula that made Tire-Slick™ the leader among liquid mounting lubricants. It truly is the "Slickest thing on wheels."


  • Lubricates better than anything on the market
  • Greatly reduces friction; Saving on changer wear and repair
  • Contains no soap or petroleum products
  • Leaves no residue
  • Will not rust rims
  • Greatly reduces bead damage
  • Helps to seal the tire to the rim without bonding
  • Used for mounting tires to cars, trucks, busses, motorcycles, & off-road vehicles
  • Liquid concentrate mixes easily - won't separate
  • Non-toxic & odorless

Packaging Available

Gallon Jugs (packaged 4 gallons per case)
5 Gallon Pails
55 Gallon Drums
275 Gallon Totes
330 Gallon Totes

OTHER USES: Motor mount assembly; Weather stripping for doors; Shock assembly; ATV tire mounting; Large heavy equipment tire mounting; Auto front end assembly.

Download Tire-Slick™ MSDS

Additional information

Weight 35.0 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 in


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